Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program's core mission is to serve as the Virginia distance-learning provider of post-baccalaureate education for practicing engineers and scientists who want to maintain and enhance their skills. CGEP works closely with faculty at a set member institutions to encourage the development of educational materials relevant to working scientists and engineers in Virginia. Using state-of-the-art distance learning technology and a network of content receiving institutions, CGEP delivers course content to Virginia's workforce. As a result, CGEP contributes to the economic development and social well-being of Virginia through workforce training and life-long learning.

Vision Statement 

The Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program promotes economic development and social well-being through delivery of advanced engineering and science post-baccalaureate educational opportunities to the citizens of Virginia. It provides a geographically dispersed community of engineers and scientists with the knowledge tools necessary to craft economic success in markets driven by advanced engineering and science. By joining world-class faculty, an internationally recognized corporate base, and a community of dynamic and diverse students, this program distributes knowledge of high technology for the benefit of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Message From the State Chair

July 1, 2020 - As we begin a new fiscal year in the Commonwealth, I am so honored to take over the role as your State Chair of Cardinal Education.  As we leave the Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program (CGEP) brand behind, we embark on an expanded vision for online education across the Commonwealth. I am grateful for all the hard work of my predecessors and look forward to what we can do in the days ahead.

As I began transitioning into this role over the past year, we have begun to see that we live in a very different place than we did a year ago.  Since the beginning of this calendar year when the reality of this role settled in, we have seen a growing pandemic originating overseas, eventually change how we do education here in our country and the Commonwealth. 

Institutions like Cardinal Education are well positioned to lead in the days ahead.  As an innovator in online graduate education and on cross-university course sharing among the Commonwealth’s public universities, we know how to navigate these times.  As we look to the days ahead, we are expanding our focus beyond engineering education to provide a more comprehensive set of course-sharing initiatives through partnerships with other state-level initiatives.  By providing more choices to students and greater access to public online education, we can create more graduates for the Commonwealth and a stronger Virginia workforce.

In closing, I am grateful to my predecessor Glenda Scales for her leadership over these past many years.  Her support and encouragement over this past year had proven to me that she was the leader CGEP needed for so many years. 

In the days ahead, I look forward to meeting with many of you and working toward the vision of a greater good for the Commonwealth.  As always, I look forward to hearing from you.  So let’s start a dialog on how Cardinal Education can support you through the finest Virginia offers in public online education.


Daniel Garrison

State Chair — Cardinal Education