How to Enroll

The first step to participating in the CGEP program is to select one of the graduate degrees or certificates offered. Next, you will need to apply to the host school that offers that specific program. 

The basic requirements for admission are: 

More information on applying to a specific school can be found from each school's Graduate Admission's site

Once admitted, this will be your main school, or your "home base." At least 50% of the courses you will take should be through this university, and all of the core courses must be taken at this university as well.  The other 50% of elective courses may be taken at any of the 5 universities.

Once you have applied and been accepted to a university, you can then talk to a graduate advisor to determine what classes, from a list of available courses for that program, you should take to complete the program. You will then sign up for the desired courses. If the course is one from a university other than the Home university, the you should contact the Home CGEP admin for assistance in registering for the class.