Degrees and Certificates

Master of Science (MS) Applied Information Technology (Cybersecurity Concentration)

George Mason University

Master of Science

George Mason University
Volgenau School of Engineering
Department: Information Sciences and Technology

The MS in Applied Information Technology is the very best graduate education in IT for high-potential leaders, especially those working on IT solutions that affect the federal government, industry or non-profit. Its objective is to graduate individuals of competence and character who can lead multidisciplinary teams in the design, justification, development, management, and sustainment of mega-systems from data to decision in the private and federal sectors. The MS in AIT provides a high quality curricula for students seeking to pursue their careers in the leading IT areas including Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics, Knowledge Mining, Data Analytics in Social Media, and Cyber-Human Interaction. Faculty include professors from the Volgenau School, the School of Business, and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, plus industry leaders with unique reputations in the subject area as adjunct professors and guest lecturers. The faculty expose students to the pragmatic issues of IT, not just the theory.