Degrees and Certificates

Master of Science (MS) in Modeling and Simulation

Old Dominion University

Master of Science

The master's degree in modeling and simulation (M&S) emphasizes a strong, common subject core while providing the student with the flexibility to design a plan of study to meet each individual's study objectives and needs. The purpose of the program's subject core is to provide a common academic foundation for all simulation students. Thus, all students in this program will have grounding in the same methods, principles, and philosophy of simulation. This provides the mechanisms for the simulationist to work across disciplines and domains while maintaining a common frame of reference for communication, technical specialization, and advanced study and research. The master's degree is available as a thesis option (MS) or non-thesis option (ME); both require 30 hours of graduate credit. The Master of Science (MS) in Modeling and Simulation requires six hours of thesis credit and 24 hours of course credit. The MS program is directed primarily at full-time students who are preparing for a career in advanced M&S research and/or academic positions.

The program's subject core consists of:

Most courses are offered in distance learning format. They are delivered to Old Dominion University's higher education centers and are available synchronously using video teleconferencing software.