Degrees and Certificates

Master of Engineering (ME) Systems Engineering

University of Virginia

Master of Engineering

The Department of Systems Engineering at the University of Virginia administers the Virginia Engineering Online (also known as Commonwealth Graduate Engineering) program leading to the degree of Master of Engineering with a major in Systems Engineering. Systems Engineering is concerned primarily with improving the processes of problem-solving and decision-making within the functions of forecasting, planning, design, development, testing, evaluation, control, operation, and management. Emphasis in the curriculum is placed on preparing individuals for careers concerned with the solution of significant large-scale interdisciplinary problems.

The student is expected to gain an understanding of the theoretical and methodological foundations for problem-solving and decision-making systems. This is accomplished through a judicious selection of coursework that draws from disciplines such as mathematical systems theory, decision theory, control theory, economics, operations research, management science, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science and human factors. In addition, each student’s program is tailored to the particular needs and interests of the student through the selection of elective courses and the completion of a supervised project.

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