Degrees and Certificates

Master of Engineering (ME) in Experimental Methods

Old Dominion University

Master of Engineering

Experimental Methods offers a solid foundation in advanced topics in the areas of aerodynamics, structural mechanics and controls, coupled with hands-on experience with state of the art test and measurement equipment. Students focus in two of four specialty areas offered (Applied Automatic Control, Structural Dynamics, Aerodynamics and Design of Experiments) leading to emphasis areas such as , noise or flow control, , wind tunnel testing and aircraft systems test and evaluation This program is meant to prepare students to be immediately productive in the real world environment of research, development and testing .

Graduate Degree Requirements

Candidates for both M.E. and M.S. degrees are required to complete a minimum of thirty semester hours of graduate work with a GPA of 3.00 or better. Students pursuing the M.E. degree must take thirty hours of course work and pass a comprehensive written examination. M.S. degree students take twenty-four hours of course work, a minimum of six hours of thesis, and must pass an oral defense of the thesis.