SYS 6581 - Principles of Modeling for Cyber Physical Systems

Design of complex and reliable cyber-physical systems (CPS) requires the creation of mathematical models, both of the environment and of the system itself. Such models allow us to analyze, control, verify, and optimize a system’s performance.  The modeling choice is largely dictated by the intended use of the model plus the intricacies of the underlying physical domain.  This course will provide a solid foundation for understanding different modeling paradigms, and explore them through a deep dive and hands on implementation for three CPS domains: Energy, Medical, and Automotive cyber-physical systems. Students will come out of this course with advanced and transferrable knowledge of model-based design methods and tools, and will be ready for tackling multi-disciplinary systems projects.

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Fall 2018
Ordinary differential equations, experience with MATLAB and Simulink, some familiarity with Python, mathematical maturity
Madhur Behl
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