MSIM 873: Networked System Security

Course presents an overview of theory, techniques and protocols that are used to ensure that networks are able to defend themselves and the end-systems that use networks for data and information communication. Modeling of threats to networked systems, attack modeling with attack trees/graphs, cyber physical systems survivability to attacks, and behavior modeling of malware are explored. Network simulation/emulation using tools such as Scalable Simulation Framework (SSFNet), OPNET, or NS3 are examined. Application of industry-standard security protocols, such as, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS), IP-Security (IPSec), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), WEP, WPA, etc. for engineering the security of networked systems will also be discussed.

Total Credit Hours: 3
Spring 2019
Shetty, Sachin S.
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7:10 - 9:50 PM

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