EGRE 636: Advanced Topics in Cyber- Physical Systems

This course introduces students to the research, design and analysis of cyber-physical systems -- the tight integration of computing, control and communication. The main focus is on understanding existing and emerging models of CPSs, as well as physical processes in terms of differential equations and computational models for discrete time systems, such as extended finite-state machines and hybrid automata. State- charts are introduced and combined with the physical models for analysis of embedded systems. Linear temporal logic is introduced and applied to specify the 

TR 2:00-3:15
in W10

desired system behavior. Tools for analytical study and verification of the satisfaction of linear temporal logic formulae are presented and discussed in numerous applications. Dependability attributes such as safety, reliability and cyber-security are discussed in the context of high integrity CPSs.

Total Credit Hours: 3
Spring 2020
EGRE 335 and EGRE 365 or equivalents or permission of instructor
Sherif Abdelwahed
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