EGMN 691: Rotordynamics

Rotordynamics involves the study of the unique dynamic behavior associated with high speed rotating machinery. Topics include critical speed, stability, and unbalance response analysis including gyroscopic, cross-coupled stiffness, and flexible support effects. The mechanics of supporting components including fluid-film bearings, roller-element bearings, magnetic bearings, squeeze-film dampers, and seals are explored, as well as their effects on rotor performance. Finite-element modeling of rotor-bearing systems is introduced. Practical industrial considerations include machine vibration signatures and rotor balancing. Instrumentation, measurements, and experimental identification of the dynamic properties of rotating systems are also explored.

Total Credit Hours: 3
Summer 2019
EGMN 515 Vibrations, with a minimum grade of C, graduate standing in the College of Engineering or permission of the instructor.
Bradley Ray Nichols
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