EGMN 691: Adv Nuclear Fuel Cycle

The course provides an in-depth description and analysis of various nuclear fuel cycles, both existing and proposed. Topics include fuel supply, enrichment, fuel fabrication, in-core physics and fuel management of uranium, thorium and other fuel types, reprocessing, and waste disposal. Also covered are the applied reactor physics of both contemporary and proposed thermal and fast reactors and the application of the linear reactivity model. Nonproliferation aspects, disposal of excess weapons-grade plutonium, and the transmutation of actinides and selected fission products in spent fuel are examined. Students will employ a number of computer programs in solving fuel cycle related problems and in performing fuel cycle analysis.

Total Credit Hours: 3
Summer 2019
EGMN 610 or its equivalent, with a minimum grade of C, graduate standing in the College of Engineering or permission instructor
James G. Miller
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