ECE 506: Introduction to Visualization

The course provides a practical treatment of computer graphics and visualization with emphasis on the usage of industry standard application programming interface (API) libraries for modeling and simulation applications. It introduces covers computer graphics fundamentals, including mathematical foundations, rendering pipeline, geometrical transformations, 3D viewing visualization principles, and projections, lighting software architecture for visualization in modeling and shading, texture mapping, etc. simulation. It teaches OpenGL programming for developing interactive visualization for modeling and simulation applications. Unity game engine is utilized to illustrate advanced concepts and techniques. Interactive visualization software architecture for modeling and simulation and visualization principles based on perception is covered in depth with case studies. (cross listed with MSIM 541)

Total Credit Hours: 3
Fall 2019
a grade of C or better in CS 250.
Shen, Yuzhong
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4:20 PM - 7:00 PM

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