CMSC 678: Stat Learning & Fuzzy Log Algorithms

The course considers two central problems in modern science and engineering: i) the problem of statistical learning from examples (empirical data) and ii) the problem of embedding existing human knowledge into workable mathematics. Topics include: examples of multivariate functional mapping, basics of classic classification and regression, support vector machines as a learning paradigm based on structural risk minimization, fuzzy logic algorithms, basics of multi-class classification over high dimensional spaces, curve and surface fittings, multivariate function approximation and nonlinear optimization; fuzzy logic systems; crisp and fuzzy sets, linguistic variables, fuzzy set theory; if-then rules, fuzzy interference, fuzzification and defuzzification, neuro-fuzzy paradigms. 

Total Credit Hours: 3
Fall 2019
MATH/STAT 309 or 310
Vojislav Kecman
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