Advisory Board

The Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program (CGEP) Advisory Board was formed to enhance CGEP’s service to the Commonwealth of Virginia as the distance-learning provider of post-baccalaureate education for practicing engineers and scientists who want to maintain and enhance their skills. The CGEP Advisory Board is expected to provide:

The Advisory Board is composed of 16 individuals who can bring value to CGEP. The members are not necessarily employed by industry. The value of an individual member shall be defined by his or her ability to provide strategic, customer, or employer insight. The Board meets twice a year. Co-Chairs are appointed among the Advisory Board members. The CGEP Directors from the five participating universities attend all meetings.

Advisory Board Members: (year term expires, in parentheses)


L. Thomas Overby 
Former CGEP Director,
VCU (2016)

Colin Britcher 
CGEP Instructor,
ODU (2016)

Dr. Hank Orejuela, 
Applied Systems
Analytics (2017)

Mark Cruise 

Leigh McCue-Weil 
Associate Professor,
Virginia Tech, ODU

Jean Mottley 

Zuzana Steen 
Micron Technology 

Bob Bailey 
Center for Advanced
Engineering & Research


No Photo Available

Alicia Wilkerson
NSWC Dahlgren

Butch Brenton
Newport News
Shipbuilding (2019)

John Provo
VT Economic Development 

No Photo Available

Christopher Emory

SoVa Motion Labs


University Representatives:



Dr. Gregory Triplett
CGEP Director, VCU

Glenda Scales 
CGEP Director, VT

Dr. Shannon Barker
CGEP Director, UVA

Dr. Anthony Dean
CGEP Director,

Dr. Daniel Garrison
CGEP Director,

Dr. Dawit Haile
CGEP Director,